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These National Parks are notified to protect Marine and wildlife in these region. The live coral cover, species diversity and density of corals were estimated in 120 sites located in several islands of Andaman and Nicobar. A total of 424 species of scleractinian corals belonging to 72 genera and 16 families were reported in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

 Campbell Bay National Park | 1992 | 426.23 km2
 Galathea National Park | 1992 | 110 km2
– The above two are part of Great Nicobar Biosphere reserve

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (previously Wandoor National Park) | 1983 | 281.50 km2
The following Islands together are part of the National Park :
Alexandra Island
Bell Island
Boat Island
Chester Island
Grub Island
Hobday Island
Jolly Bouy Island
Malay Island
Pluto Island
Red Skin Island
Riflemen Island
Rutland Island (parts of the island)
Snob Island
Tarmugli Island
Twins Island

Mount Harriet National Park | 1987 46.62 km2
North Button Island National Park | 1987 0.44 km2
Middle Button Island National Park | 1987 0.64 km2
South Button Island National Park | 1987 0.03 km2

Rani Jhansi Marine National Park | 1996 256.14 km2
The following Islands together are part of the National Park :
John Lawrence Island
Henry Lawrence Island
Outram Island

A total of 110 species of scleractinian corals belonging to 8 families were reported from the Rani Jhansi Marine National Park in surveys conducted by National Coral Reef Research Institute (NCRI). Among them the family Acroporidae is dominant as it composed of 43 species includes the genus Acropora (28 species) and Montipora (8 species). The percentage of live coral cover ranged from 59.53% in Henry Lawrence Island to 63.71% in John Lawrence Island. Besides, Eight genera of soft corals under the families Alcyoniidae, Nephtheidae and Isisidae; 18 genera of gorgonids under 10 families; 30 species of echinoderms belonging to 21 genera and 15 families; 100 species of gastropods belongs to 36 families; 54 species of nudibranchs belonging to 11 families; 52 species of crabs under 21 genera; and 216 reef associated fishes belongs to 39 families were reported. The studies indicated that corals of John Lawrence Island, Henry Lawrence Island, and Outram Island in Rani Jhansi Marine National Park; were bleached to the extent of 45-73% during April to May 2010. The recent survey conducted during January 2011 observed the progress of recuperation of the bleached corals.

Saddle Peak National Park | 1987 32.54 km2

Notified Wild life Santuaries at Andaman and Nicobar:

1.Bingham IslandBaratang
2.Sir Huge Rose IslandBaratang
3.Pitman IslandSouth Andaman
4.James IslandSouth Andaman
5.Potanma IslandSouth Andaman
6.Kyd IslandSouth Andaman
7.Patric IslandSouth Andaman
8.Defence IslandSouth Andaman
9.Montogemery IslandSouth Andaman
10Clyde IslandSouth Andaman
11Sandy IslandSouth Andaman
12Snake IslandSouth Andaman
13Cinque IslandSouth Andaman
14Passage IslandSouth Andaman
15Sister IslandSouth Andaman
16North Brother IslandSouth Andaman
17South Brother IslandSouth Andaman
18Loha BarrackSouth Andaman
19Bluff IslandBaratang
20Spike IslandBaratang
21Talai Katcha IslandBaratang
22East or Inglis IslandBaratang
23Mangrove IslandBaratang
24Stoat IslandBaratang
25Belle IslandBaratang
26Ariel IslandBaratang
27South Sentinel IslandSouth Andaman
28Duncan IslandMiddle Andaman
29Oyster IslandMiddle Andaman
30Perkinson IslandMiddle Andaman
31Barren IslandMiddle Andaman
32Cane IslandNorth Andaman
33Landfall IslandNorth Andaman
34East IslandNorth Andaman
35West IslandNorth Andaman
36Peacock IslandNorth Andaman
37White CliffNorth Andaman
38Reef IslandNorth Andaman
39Mayo IslandNorth Andaman
40Pagat IslandNorth Andaman
41Shearme IslandNorth Andaman
42Point IslandNorth Andaman
43Ox IslandNorth Andaman
44Shark IslandNorth Andaman
45North IslandNorth Andaman
46.Kwangtang IslandNorth Andaman
47.Rowe IslandNorth Andaman
48.Latouche IslandNorth Andaman
49.Jungle IslandNorth Andaman
50.Trilby IslandNorth Andaman
51.Table (Excelsior) IslandNorth Andaman
52.Table (Delgarno) IslandNorth Andaman
53.Temple IslandNorth Andaman
54.Turtle IslandNorth Andaman
55.Ross IslandNorth Andaman
56.Brush IslandNorth Andaman
57.Bamboo IslandNorth Andaman
58.Blister IslandNorth Andaman
59.Dot IslandNorth Andaman
60.Curlew IslandNorth Andaman
61.Oliver IslandNorth Andaman
62.Orchid IslandNorth Andaman
63.Curlew (BP) IslandNorth Andaman
64.Egg IslandNorth Andaman
65.Swamp IslandNorth Andaman
66.Dottrel IslandNorth Andaman
67.Gurjan IslandNorth Andaman
68.Sea Serpent IslandNorth Andaman
69.Snake IslandNorth Andaman
70.Bondaville IslandNorth Andaman
71.Buchanan IslandNorth Andaman
72.Surat IslandNorth Andaman
73.Entrance IslandNorth Andaman
74.Bennet IslandNorth Andaman
75.Roper IslandNorth Andaman
76.South Reef IslandNorth Andaman
77.Mark IslandNorth Andaman
78.Tuft IslandNorth Andaman
79.Hump IslandNorth Andaman
80.Gander IslandNorth Andaman
81.Goose IslandNorth Andaman
82.Flat IslandNorth Andaman
83.Spike IslandNorth Andaman
84.Ranger IslandNorth Andaman
85.Wharf IslandNorth Andaman
86.Tree IslandNorth Andaman
87.Channel IslandNorth Andaman
88.Narcondum IslandNorth Andaman
89.North Reef IslandNorth Andaman
90.Interview IslandNorth Andaman
91.Oyster IslandNorth Andaman
92.Curt Burt BayMiddle Andaman

Inorder to regulate the entry into the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Islands, Department of Forest and environment has issued the below notification in 2011.

To facilitate easy way of obtaining entry permits for visit to Red Skin / Jolly Buoy Island of Mahatma Gandhi marine National Park and to minimize the hardships faced by the tourists in the boat trips to said places, the following system will be adopted by the Forest Department w.e.f 11.1.2011.

1. The entry permits to visit Red Skin / Jolly Buoy Islands will be issued one day in advance on first come first serve basis on production of application and subject to terms and conditions given therein. A modal copy of the application form will be displayed in the counter for information of tourists / others.

2. Since, the entry permits to be issued is subject to availability of authorized boats, the No. of permit to be issued will be displayed in the counter for information of tourists.

3. The tourists may purchase the boat ticket from the authorized operators plying inside the MGMNP on production of entry permits. A list of authorized boat operators and permitted passenger capacity of the boats shall be displayed in the counter for information of the tourists.

4. To avoid congestion in Red Skin / Jolly Buoy beach and consequent damage to marine life, 5 Nos. of tourism trips will be organized in the Wandoor Jetty as per the following table on all days except ԍondayԮ The No. of trips may vary subject to availability of boats / weather conditions. All the permit holders are advised to get the boat tickets with time stamp of the trip to avoid congestion in Wandoor jetty.

Trip TimeName of the TripNo. of Boat permitted in the trip
8.30 A.MFirst trip1
9.00 A.MSecond trip1
9.30 AMThird trip1
10.00 AMFouth trip1
10.30 AMFifth / final tripRemaining authorized boats, if any

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