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Rangat Island is located in the Middle and South Andaman Islands. The approximate distance from Port Blair by road is 180 Kms and it is 50 nautical miles (around 90kms) by sea. Rangat is having an area of about 1070 sq. km. Even though the population of this island comprises of people belonging to various linguistic groups, the residents of this island can be majorly noticed speaking Bengali or Tamil. The people in Rangat island are mainly engaged in Fishing and cultivation as their primary occupation.
Rangat houses many picturesque and flawless beaches, several turtle nesting grounds, evergreen waterfalls and a very unique presentation of the diverse Mangrove ecosystem along with a nature walk which is a true example of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”. Wondering how? Come along with us through the lines. In our coming sections, you’ll get more detailed information on what Rangat has in store for you on your visit. We will like not just to introduce you but rather to make you familiar with the places we admire.

Now we feel it’s the high time when we shall take the opportunity to guide you through this to take up a visit to Rangat Island. There are places that we add to our trip list just because our peers and relatives have covered them or because we have seen a lot of pictures on social media. But then there are some hidden or lesser-known destinations which are too pristine and beautiful to miss them from our travel list.
Rangat Island is one such underrated destination that deserves to be explored more than just a transit point while visiting Long Island, Diglipur or Mayabunder. So through this article, we want to make Rangat a familiar place for people coming down to Andamans.


What to Expect while visiting Rangat?

“Rangat has got a lot more to offer than often expected!” – We can say this having visited the place ourselves and seen the type of experience with our naked eyes. Rangat is a true example of an eco-tourism initiative in Andamans.

Popularly it acts as the transit point while one travels to North Andamans from Port Blair. Also, many major islands are connected through sea and road from Rangat hence it attracts many travelers while crossing the path. Since Rangat falls on the way which you will cross when you travel to Mayabunder, Long Island or Diglipur from Port Blair by road, so you can decide to halt back for a night here to explore the major places nearby such as the Ambkunj Beach, Dhaninallah Beach, An Eco-friendly Mangrove walkway & lot more.

For your stays, Rangat Island has 2-3 standard stay options. Don’t expect any star category service or luxury from these properties as it’s a rural part of Andamans and as mentioned, it is still developing as a tourist attraction. So, not a lot of arrangements have been made in terms of the tourist infrastructures. But still, it has enough amenities to serve for a short stay while being in a hygienic and decent place. You will get a detailing about the stay options in our “Accommodation options” section. Many of the attractions in and around Rangat that we are going to discuss here are reachable by private transports. Some of them can be reached using public transportation as well. We’ll discuss more on how to reach Rangat, its serene beaches and other attraction around it in our “How to reach” sections ahead.


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