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The headquarters of North & Middle Andaman District – Mayabunder, a small town located in the northern part of Middle Andamans, about 3 (three) hour’s drive towards the north to Rangat happened to be our next stop of the Adventure-cum-Exploring quality check trip. So here, this article comes up with the most possible detailing and information for you to know Mayabunder as a destination of attraction. Stay with us through the lines while we bring out this undercover destination- Mayabunder in this article.

Mayabunder is located 242 kilometers by road and 136 kilometers by ferry from Port Blair. This place is 72 kilometers north of Rangat and 79 kilometers south from Diglipur, which makes it fall between Diglipur and Rangat. Mayabunder consists of several villages scarcely populated. Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu are the major languages spoken here. The families of Burmese Karen tribes who were brought in as cheap laborers by the British people are part of the population of Mayabunder.

Being mostly preferred by tourists who are looking for offbeat experiences, this place is still growing as a tourist destination –having limited infrastructures and less frequent connectivity with the capital town of Port Blair. Just like Rangat, Less information about the place and lesser-known ways of its accessibility has left this town less explored. Still, Rangat is touched by tourists going to Diglipur from Port Blair but Mayabunder falls to the other side of Rangat, so it is visited only when there’s a plan to do so.


So this time, we have thought of exploring every corner possible of this unexplored destination to let our customers know that, how they can pay a visit to Mayabunder using the existing facilities and possibilities.


What to expect while visiting Mayabunder?

Mayabunder is home to few beautiful and scenic beaches, few seasonal turtle nesting grounds, mangrove-lined tidal creeks, the 2nd biggest harbor after Port Blair- where the mainland passenger ships take halt. This place is also the starting point to visit some of the Virgin Islands nearby like Avis Island, Coco Island & Interview Island. We will give you more information on planning the trips to these islands in our coming sections.


This is a very remote destination just like any other island in the North & Middle Andamans that we have discussed before. So you cannot expect any luxury conduct of stay. You will get an idea of stay options in our “Accommodations” section.


All that you can expect here is to explore the nature and a trip to Mayabunder should mean a trip to the outskirts of Andaman, far from the busy and crowded life and too near to the organic natural life which is not technological but soothing and pleasant. With least or no connectivity to the telecom services and internet, you may feel detached to the contemporary world but as soon as you start exploring the beaches and other sights nearby –all you would do is relax in the beaches, click the moments and thank yourself for planning to stop here before moving further.

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