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Diglipur Island is located in the North Andaman Islands at a distance of about 320 Kilometers from Port Blair. Diglipur has a total geographical area of about 1400 square kilometers and is considered the biggest inhabited town of the Andaman Islands. Just like the other islands in Andamans, people living here are also seen living together like a small India, speaking various Indian languages and belong to varied religious and cultural beliefs. The majority of the population speaks Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil having said that numerous other people are speaking Telugu and Malayalam too. They practice agriculture as their main occupation. Diglipur has rice, coconut, areca nut and vegetables grown there and they also do sell out their goods to the capital town. Other supplies are brought in to Diglipur from the capital town of Port Blair, hence here goods and services might happen to be expensive than Port Blair.


Diglipur houses some of the most exotic and unique sights which will for sure make it a treat to your experiences when you visit them. The platter of unique sights in Diglipur has in stock the most distinctive twin-islands- The Ross n Smith Islands, the Saddle peak-highest peak of the entire Andaman archipelago, The Kalpong river- a rare case of the only flowing river in an Island surrounded by sea. The only hydro-electric project on the island is on this river. Apart from all these solitary treats that Diglipur feeds you with, there are multiple Turtle nesting sites here. By the time you complete going through this page, you will be familiar with all the must-visits of this immaculate destination.


People of Andamans, irrespective of where they live and what they do are related to tourism and always stay enthusiastic to see improvement in the tourism infrastructures.


A few years back, many local youths of Diglipur have vowed to put in all efforts to bring Diglipur in the list of most preferred tourist destinations for travel and nature lovers. These youths have registered a Society called “Diglipur Association for Rural Tourism and Ecological Development (DARTED)”, which has identified various locations to add to the list of tourist spots to be visited in Diglipur. Among the new findings are Mud Volcanoes at Hathi Level- Shyam Nagar, Alfred Caves at Pathi Level, Ramnagar, Freshwater streams, etc.


Though Diglipur is still growing in tourism infrastructures and facilities, but slowly and steadily it is earning popularity among travelers as an offbeat destination. People planning to do something out of the box and something away from the regular itineraries, always have in mind of visiting the North Andamans during their visit. This has brought a buzz of touching Diglipur and people have started asking for Diglipur and they try to make their duration elastic to group in this place in their itinerary. We would love to make you aware of how you may plan Diglipur in your itinerary in our coming sections, so come along!


What to Expect while visiting Diglipur?

The island being our home, we visit all the places annually to stay updated and to make sure our travelers see the place through our eyes while planning and stay clear on their expectations before they land in.


If you are out of those folks who are looking for a peaceful, soulful and unique experience from your few days of the vacation, and if you wish to stay away from the monotonous hurried life of the city and commercial activities, you can expect all this in Diglipur. As mentioned already, Diglipur is a destination that has attracted many travel and adventure lovers from across the world- who has visited and experienced its serenity and hence made it popular under the tag of An offbeat destination or an out of the box experience, make sure that you have the right information and a firm plan before you reach Diglipur. You can consider it to be a civilized and nicely maintained village.


Diglipur has proper blacktop roads and the Andaman Trunk Road connects Diglipur to the other islands. It is not on an easy connection with other islands and the connection to the main town is 12 hours away. The telecom connections are even not very strong-not to mention the internet here as the broadband services can provide internet that too at a speed of 2G or even lower. The telecom service providers here are- Airtel and BSNL only. Hence the suggestion from our island experts say that- a pre-planned and well-designed itinerary will help you stay in track and get the best out of the time you have invested in your trip. A detailed Diglipur tour package can be referred for an itinerary understanding of Diglipur.


By investing your time in visiting Diglipur, you come much closer to nature. The flora & fauna, the beaches, the caves and almost everything you can do here will keep you soaked into nature. The places you stay in will all be eco stays with the necessary amenities and interiors; the power supply is drawn from the hydro-electricity project on Kalpong River. It is satisfactory; however, there are certain power cuts experienced in the islands for a short duration and you cannot expect a proper power back up during the power cuts. Food is not an issue until you keep your food ordered in advance. Many hospitality ventures come up for making the experiences better. You can find details about these in our “Accommodation” & “Food” segments.

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